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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 85: On the Rocks, Free Play

Updated on October 27, 2008

In this first area, go into the lower right hand corner and smash a plant, and a snowman will be revealed. This is snowman 1/3.

You will then need to go to forward a bit and shatter some glass at the entrance as Sonic Suit Batman. You then need to go into the corner and have the Riddler or some other mind control character take over someone and pull a lever. The next snowman, or snowman 2/3 will be revealed.

By the way, there is a pop machine of some type here, and it can be used to produce a lot of studs. Use it all up, and you will have a whole lotta studs.

As for the third snowman, it is available as you rip open the pipe on the left with a super-strong character, go all the way to the right, and destroy a plant. The Fifth Canister will hang in the air, and you can get it if you hang off the railing.

When you get to the one area with the lava in the middle of the room, do the thing where Mr. Freeze ices over the area and gets to the area on the other side. Use a bomb on the shiny door, and then send in a character there. This character will find the Sixth Canister the moment they come up.

Hostage 14/25 will also be here in this area.

Take the ladder upward, and soon you will be at the top of the icy/glassy area. You should be able to jump down to some ground and smash and object. Go on and build it, and you will have a lever. Pull the lever, and a billboard will come down that you can use for a bridge. Cross over and you will come to meet some bad guys. You will also be able to build up some machinery, which will set loose the Power Brick.

Once over to the other side of the lava pit, and you have taken out all the bad guys, be sure to go all the way to the left. You should be able to go up a Magnetic Wall and, once at the top, go left and run all the way down until you have the Seventh Canister.

Soon you will reach the room that has ice on two levels. There is a lot to do here in order to get some Attract debris. Suck up as much as you can, and then go to the Attracto machine. It will make the Eighth Canister for you.

When you get to the place where there is a staircase that can be made, you will need to jump on top of where that question mark guy at the window is. Plant a bomb there, and there will be a hole in the floor. Go ahead and jump on in, and you can get the Ninth Canister in there, and use the ladder when you need to leave.

When you get to the final area, you can grab a canister here. Just go up on the left as Magnet Suit Robin and then become a high jumper or glider character to glide across and snatch the Tenth Canister.


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