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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 94: Stealing the Show, Free Play, Part 2

Updated on October 27, 2008

Go ahead and use the dual levers to lover the tiles so you can push the giant gargoyle statue off the edge. You will then enter the museum.

Okay, at the museum, you should go to the left, and that orange handle cart thing needs to be moved. It will block some lasers, and now you can get past. Go ahead and destroy the things with blue panels. There will be another thing with an orange handle, so go ahead and move it out. You can then go around to the other side of it and move it again into the path of some lasers. Go ahead and stand atop this thing, become a high jumper character and jump over the last set of lasers. Pull the lever to shut off the lasers, but it makes them shut on and off. You will see a canister right there. Use Sonic Suit Batman to destroy the glass, and the Eighth Canister is yours for the taking.

By the way, there is something to explode in the corner, but it doesn’t really do much good.

Have Catwoman jump to the railing on the right, then jump to the next railing. With a little more shimmying, she can go all the way over and smash through the controls, which will drop the lasers.

Keep going until you get to this one area that is just small enough to fit a penguin bomb through. It will explode inside, and the doorway will open. While inside, you will want to pull a lever.

Now, here is something good. Get all the Attracto debris that you can, and go to the Attracto machine. It will make a helicopter, and you must become Technical Suit Robin in order to use it. Land on the two areas marked with H’s, and the shiny silver case will open. To get over to the case, I found that I had to take a high jumper character, ride a dinosaur, and double jump over the fence. From here, you can use an explosive to destroy the silver case and get the Power Brick.

Go on and use the dinosaur skeletons to smash past the barrier at the stairs. When you get to the top of the stairwell, there is a pot with an orange handle all the way to the right. Go ahead and become a super strong character and move it. You will then need to become a high jumper character and jump to the ladder. This is a difficult jump, but doable. Now, go ahead and climb to the top of the ladder, then go to the left to grab the Ninth Canister.

There will be an area with solid glass canisters. Go ahead and use the Sonic Batman Suit to smash through them, and then use the wreckage from them to make a catapult. Go on and pull the lever, and a hanging cage will be smashed. Go on and grab the Tenth Canister.


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    • profile image

      Betty 7 years ago

      Thanks so much for helping my son and I get the Power Brick in Stealing the Show. We were struggling and I found your guide sheet.