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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 97: Arctic World, Free Play, Part 1

Updated on October 27, 2008

The first thing you may notice here is some potted plants on the right that Poison Ivy can use her magic on to grow into some plants. It is possible to jump on these plants and go a little higher into a fenced off area and grab some stuff in a Score Multiplier area. You can score some Attracto Debris if that happens.

When you arrive, you will find a place where there is a lot of toxic waste. Turn into a toxic waste resistant character and jump over to swim across. You will find Hostage 21/25 here.

You will also find an Attracto machine here. Go ahead and collect all the pieces here, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the 25 that you need. You will note how it will make a little device with a fishing pole. Go on and sit on this, and then put five red fish in the red bowl and five blue fish in the blue bowl. The blue bowl on the left will give you a stud, but the Red Bowl will reward you with a Power Brick.

Right by the ice cream shop is a pond that is partially frozen over. If you dive in as Diving Suit Robin or Croc, you can pull a lever the will open the door to the ice cream shop. Go on in, smash some stuff, and get the Third Canister.

If you destroy the ice cream cones on the ice cream shop, there will be a batrope there. You can get some studs there, and you could jump to the score multiplier area if you want.

Now, after you pass the gold giant block of ice, you might notice a metallic wall in the back. Go ahead and turn into Magnet Suit Robin and walk up. Go to the left, and you will need to become a super-strong character to move a door out of the way. Use a Joker or joker henchment to start the shock generator, and a new batrope spot will be made. Use it, and it will go all the way around the Penguin’s head until you get the Fourth Cansiter.

It is possible to jump off this area on the left, and then glide down into another score multiplier area. Here everything is made of glass, and it can be shattered as Sonic Suit Batman. There is a lot of Attracto debris here, and if you want, you can pick this up and jump out of here, heading back to the area where the Power Brick was found. If you have another 25 pieces of debris here, you can trade it in for a lot of studs.


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