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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 98: Arctic World, Free Play, Part 2

Updated on October 27, 2008

As you go forward on the one ice cave ledge, there are two areas covered with glass. Go ahead and shatter each of them as Sonic Suit Batman, and the one on the left will have the Fifth Canister. Just jump in and get it.

You will then need to go all the way to the right to get this next canister. You will need to hop up to a higher area, then blow up a shiny section to the right of a barred up section. This will create wreckage that you must use to build a handle on a door, and a super-strong character needs to wrench it off. A woman character needs to woo the man at the heart panel, and he will start a ski lift. You must then go up and then go though six set of flags. If you do it right, your other character will follow close behind you, and go through the flags you went through. A big trophy will fall once all little doors are open, and you will have the Sixth Canister.

Okay, this one is pretty weird. As you go into the big building, there is a fish tank on the left. Go to it and use Sonic Suit Batman in front of the circular window. Soon, a shark will show up, and he will have the Seventh Canister.

Go down the hall and take a right where the toxic waste is. You need to become a toxic resistant character in order to cross over to the next side. Go ahead and yank out the area with the orange handle as a super strong character. This will cover one of the blue buttons needed to open the door. Have the other characters stand on them, and the door will be open for the Eighth Canister.

I mentioned this one canister the first time, but you might not have got it the first time. This is the one where you have to slide down and go through five sets of flags to get it. What really sucks is if you don’t do it right on this slide the first time, you will have to do it all again just to get here. I would have preferred to have this slide area be first, really.

When you get to the final area, go all the way to the right. Use Mr. Freeze to freeze the targeted area, and it will become a solid block. Push the block into the wall by the lever, and then turn into a high jumper to pull the lever. The cage will fall, and you can use an explosive and blow it up to get the Ninth Canister.

As for the last canister, you should to the water, and it is in an iceberg. The way to get it out is simply to go underneath as an underwater character and rise up within it. You will now have the Tenth Canister.


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      sb 6 years ago

      I wish that it had come in the real story version!