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Lego Indiana Jones Game 5: The Lost Temple, Part 4

Updated on August 25, 2008

Now this is the first key mechanism in the game. To get the key, just hang on the vine, and it will fall out. If only finding all the golden keys in this game were that easy. Just grab the key and stick it into the mechanism. You can then get the treasure.

Just like in the movie, all heck breaks loose! Go toward the only doorway out by jumping on the moving rocks.

Now there is a vine you must make a long jump to. From there, you need to run down a slight incline, and watch for falling statue heads. There will be a Thugee statue here, but you won’t be able to use it just yet see part (number) for that. The ladder will come into play then. For now, jump to the vine at the end, and then grab a vine on the other end. Your other character should grab the other vine, and this will cause a ramp to come up. A head will fall down, and it will roll into the wall to make a new entrance.

From there, it is a run like the iconic scene from the original movie. You must jump the pits, and the spike ones will seriously hinder you. At the end, you can grab the sixth treasure chest.

Now you will be with your pilot friend Jock before his airplane. Instead of running left to the plane, run right. You will eventually come to an area where a giant skull is. What you need to do is take out the natives as they come to you, and grab their spears as they drop them. You will note that as you get closer to the skull, a target will appear on an eye. Hurl the spear at the eye, and it will crack. Take out the other eye and the mouth will open, revealing the Seventh Treasure Chest.

Go back to the area by the plane, collecting as much coins as possible, and all the way to the left, near a fatal edge is the Eighth Treasure Chest.

Grab that and head toward the plane. What you need to do is have Indy go to the dock and whip a chest on a rock. It will come toward him, and he needs to take it to a green lego area located near the plane. There is another box full of blue parts there, and Indy or Jock need to go over to the parts and hit Z, reconstructing the engine.

Jock needs to get climb aboard the plane and fix it with his wrench. The level will end from there.


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