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Lego Indiana Jones Game 15: The Well of the Souls, Part 3

Updated on August 25, 2008

Put Indy on the brown platform, and have Marion jump up to grab the rope. Her weight will misbalance it, so Indy will be raised up to a level where what he is standing on becomes a whipping platform. He can then swing from it and land on and area that will cause a statue to bust a new hole in the wall and he can use the statue as a bridge to enter a new area. Just like the movie! Kind of.

Take the railing, and you can get some coins if you have Marion take the railing up one. When you get to the vine, have Marion slide down as much as she can, and there is a tiny hole with the Third Treasure Chest. I found it hard to get out of here, so I just switched to Indy and let Marion join me later.

As you keep going, you will find a place with some clutter, that, when removed, will become a secret passage. Marion needs to take over and jump to the lowest handheld, then the one to the right, then back left. There will be a higher handheld right, and then a lower one right from there. She will then have the Fourth Treasure Chest. Fortunately, a bridge will automatically extend, making the return trip quite easy.

From here, get Indy to use the whipping spot, and he will go over to another side where a lever lies buried. If he punches the area by the webs and skeleton, he will find a shovel. Take the shovel and dig up the lever, and pull it. A bridge will extend, and Marion can come over. Indy should hang by a rope, and Marion will follow his example. The doorway will open, so take out the blue bugs before entering in.

This next area involves Marion, going up to a certain area, but Indy can help. Have Indy use his shovel that he got from the last room to dig up a gear in the right hand corner of the room. He then needs to move it to the mechanism. There is another gear near that corner that needs to be moved to the mechanism too.

Punch through all that stuff in that corner, and there will be a key. Use that key to raise a platform higher.

Have Marion jump up on a platform to the left as you came in the room, and then jump to a rope. She then needs to jump to the handheld, which will close off any snakes from getting there. This is one of three places she must do this.


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