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Lego Indiana Jones Game 16: The Well of the Souls, Part 4

Updated on August 25, 2008

Have her jump back to the rope to the platform that was raised. She will then go to another place where she needs to close a snake shutter, for lack of a better word. All she needs to do is take a handheld to another handheld. If you do this right on the first try, you can get a purple coin.

The last shutter involves her building a rope to get to it. However, the snakes like to stop you, so punch them off if they get in your way, and build the rope to shut the last shutter.

The Fifth Treasure Chest will appear above a stack of bricks that has to be built. Build it up, then climb to the top. I found the best way to make this jump was hit A, and when I was at the maximum height, move my joystick that direction. Otherwise, you might have a hard time reaching this Treasure Chest.

The next important thing to do is move that block tower to a place that looks like it was made for it, because it was. It will sink in, and Indy can follow you up to a place in between the second and third snake shutters. Step on a button, and Indy will follow your example, and a door will open to the next area.

This next area has some coffins that are booby trapped, so you might want to stay just clear enough as you walk down the hall. The lids and spears can be destroyed for some coins, so feel free to get them.

When you get them, smash the wall on the left, and then go into this next area. You will see hieroglyphics in the corner, but two tiles are missing. The trick is to hit the button that can be pushed to temporarily retract the spikes. Run over quickly and smash the big thing in the corner, and a key will be there for you to unlock the mechanism. A new bridge will be created, and so grab the missing hieroglyphs and get up on it.

Put the hieroglyphics in the right place and have Marion translate. You did remember to have Marion grab that book of hieroglyphs when she entered this level of the game, didn’t you? If not, go back and do it. Anyway, decipher the hieroglyphs and a door will open to get the Sixth Treasure Chest.


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