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Lego Indiana Jones Game 22: Opening the Ark, Part 1

Updated on August 25, 2008

There is not much here to do but to collect the coins by destroying whatever is in your way. There is even a trampoline here that allows for that. All the way on the right is a guard post, and Indy already has the right hat for that occasion. Knocking on the door will allow into a room that is partially submerged. By smashing through brick boxes, the pieces for a motor for a nearby motorboat are revealed, and Indy and build a motor, and use the boat to get to the First Treasure Chest.

Nothing to do but leave, and grab the box to put it on the green pad on the sub. Go over to the other side, and go left from here, and climb the ladder to the next level. Don’t worry about the small character entrance for now. Jump onto the hanging platform, and switch characters so Marion is down by the mechanism controlling its movement.

When you get off on the other side of that ride, have Indy pull the orange contraption, and a brown ladder will fall down, allowing Marion to get up to where Indy is. Have Indy pull a lever, and Marion will pull the other one. Take out the soldiers here, and grab the box.

Take Indy jump down to the box, and Marion will move the ramp so Indy can put the box in its proper place. Indy will have rebuilt the sub’s gun so it can shoot two areas. He needs to aim for the green arrows, which will raise up some triangular weights, and make a ladder.

Before you take the ladder, go right and dive into the water. There is the Second Treasure Chest there.

Once you get to the top of the ladder, there is very little to do but go outside. Go on and take out all you can here, but by a log tower is a whipping platform that will make some pieces for a railing that will take you up to the next whipping platform. From this platform, you can then make some railing for Marion to join you.

Once you are down there, there are many places where you can go after you have defeated all the guards. One of them is a guard’s post, and you have the hat for this. Go ahead and knock on the door, and the guard will let you into some R &R room. You can destroy a lot of things here, but what you are aiming for is the cake. You can get the Third Treasure Chest here.

Leave there, now go ahead and grab wrench from above and fix up the truck. Go ahead and smash through the gate, and you will notice how the camera pans to the one area with the four. This is for a good reason. If you park your car there and jump out, you will go higher, and can arrive at this area. Marion will be able to get there too.


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