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Lego Indiana Jones Game 23: Opening the Ark, Part 2

Updated on August 25, 2008

Go ahead and move that block on the tiles to the left and straight back. You will note how it makes a specific area light up on the big wall. Grab that one large bucket and move it to the one that is up and to the left. Stand on either the center button or top right button, and a 4 will be made. The garage door below you will open up.

Now move your character from the Center button to the top button until a number 7 is made. A door will open again, and you can get the Fourth Treasure Chest here.

You can grab the bazooka and blow up the gate to get to the next area. You can blow up the silver tank in the horse pen, but not much happens there.

If you want to, you can take two bazookas and go back to the sub room. On the left of the sub are two hatches which can be blown up with bazooka shots. When they open, there will be buttons that can be pushed which will cause the Fifth Treasure Chest to appear.

Go ahead and go back, and unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an easily accessible shovel to get the treasure here. You will need to replay this level for the glyph wall anyway. You won’t be able to get these until Free Play Mode.

This next area involves you getting at stuff to get to Belloq. Start by smashing the boxes until you obtain a shovel. Go the left and dig up a cart, which, when pushed, opens up to a camera, which projects the Sixth Treasure Chest.

You should probably go to the cave way in the back. After taking out some boxes, you should be able to dig up the Seventh Treasure Chest.

Near this area, there will be a bundle of pieces near a green area. Have one of the characters take this big piece and put it on the green area. Marion can jump up to the railing, haul herself to an area, and jump to another area to give Belloq one quick punch.

Now, go over to the right corner, where a gray scaffolding is. Build it up, and then have one character climb the ladder and stand on the top. The other character will jump on the rope, and the platform that was just made will go up, and the character can jump to Belloq’s area, and punch him again.

Belloq will move again, so take Indy to the rock by the hieroglyphics and have him jump on the rope. He will then climb up and jump to the railing. From there, he will be at a whipping platform, where he can get to Belloq. This time, when Indy hits him, he will be knocked off, and can be hit more until beaten.


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