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Lego Indiana Jones Game 28: Pankot Secrets, Part 2

Updated on August 25, 2008

Before taking the whipping platform, have Indy walk up to the edge of the mud pit and whip off a banana. He will need that in the area ahead. The other two characters can ride the elephants across the mud pit.

Go ahead and take whoever has the key and raise the spiked log that impedes the elephant’s progress. Indy can then say hello to the monkey and give him a banana, which will give him another key that he can use to raise up another spiked log.

Make sure Indy has a shovel, because he will need it for this next area. What he must do is take a left to go to a whipping platform, and he will swing over to the other side. He can then dig up the Third Treasure Chest in this area.

From here, ride the elephant and squash all the snakes before you get to the entrance. Make sure the elephant is standing on the orange pressure pad, which will sink to the bottom. If necessary, use the ladder to climb out of the pit, and then make way to the buttons on the right side. Standing on one will have the other two characters following suit, and the door will be open to a new area.

Unfortunately, the Parcel cannot be taken at this level, unlike all 10 Treasure Chests. Part of it is being able to leap up to the one area, but Indy needs to be the one to do it. Short Round and Willie don’t stay under the Barrel long enough to allow this. At least Willie can get some coins up there, and here scream can shatter some glass to get a few more. The sad part is the whipping platform has to be used, and Indy is the only character who can do this.

It is too easy to get coins here, as everything is rigged to explode on a punch. The one thing that must be grabbed is the toothed rack on the table, and placed on the mechanism in the corner. Also, Indy needs to stop by the whipping platform by the bell, and when the bell rings, the golden key that can open the mechanism will fall out. Once the key is used to turn the mechanism, a lever will be revealed, that, when pulled, will open the door.

From then on, it’s a matter of punching and getting stuff, nothing you haven’t done before. You might notice the Thuggee Statue that will be on your left, but you won’t be able to access its goodies as yet. What you really need to look out for is the plant right next to it. Destroy it and get the Fourth Treasure Chest.

Eventually the hall will dead end with a bedroom on the right. Go ahead and push the plant at the end, and a bookcase will be revealed with some hieroglyphics on it. Fortunately, there is a book in the bedroom.

It goes without saying that there is a lot to destroy in this room, and make certain that Willie goes to the case and screams to get the hieroglyphics book. Also, make certain that the cabinets with the orange circles in front of them are punched open, as one contains the Fifth Treasure Chest. As for the bed, you can build the top on it, but all you can get is some more coins.


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