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Lego Indiana Jones Game 29: Pankot Secrets, Part 3

Updated on August 25, 2008

Go ahead and have Willie open the door, and go into the next room. Move the bed so it is all the way to the right, and have Willie jump to the top of it, then to the Whipping platform. She can then jump high in the air to get the Sixth Treasure Chest.

Bring Indy up to this aforementioned whipping platform. He can then pull a lever, and some parts will fall out by a statue. These parts make a handle, so he can pull it out and open a door to the next area.

This next area has a vine to get to the other side, but before using that, use Willie to get the Seventh Treasure Chest hiding in a corner. You can then move on to the next area.

Once again, Willie’s jumping ability is needed to get the Eighth Treasure Chest, this time located on the left. She has to sort of jump out then back in.

Indy then needs to pull a lever that will open a ladder, but don’t use it yet. Instead, have him continue along the path until he gets to something that needs to be built. It will be a door for Short Round, who will use it to get to an area, then jump to a vine. The vine will sink down, and the player should switch to Indy. Indy will need to use the ladder and go to a whipping post and then hang off another vine. A rock with railings will show up, and now all three characters have the ability to enter the same area.

This next area also involves a lot of character switching. Have Indy use the whipping platform to go over the bugs, and then use the other whipping post to open a door. He needs to whip the hanging skeleton to claim the Ninth Treasure Chest.

Now, have Indy grab a torch, and he should be able to walk over the buggy area. The other two characters should follow him, and make it to the other side. I found that there was a problem bringing over the others to the other side, as they would stop right before and not move. I found switching the characters the only way out of that. Once you have all three characters on the other side, just stand on a button, and the others will follow.

In this next area, be sure to destroy two boxes stack on each other on the right. You will have the Tenth Treasure Chest. Keep going and the door will automatically open to the spike chamber.

To start, whip on the whipping platform. The spikes will start, and two skeletons will dangle from the ceiling. Destroy those skeletons, and two boxes will be revealed. Move those boxes quickly to the green platforms, and then quickly build a support that will stop the spikes moving but open the door.


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