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Lego Indiana Jones Game 30: Temple of Kali, Part 1

Updated on August 25, 2008

You won’t be able to obtain the Treasure Chest right above you, but that is because the characters cannot jump that high. You will see some things buried in the ground, but without a shovel, it is useless, and unfortunately, none of your characters have one and won’t be able to obtain one until later.

So, you should have Indy use his whip and swing over to the left. After beating up a group of Thugees, you should be able to take one of their hats. Use it at the Thugee statue of Kali, and some bars will raise up to reveal the First Treasure Chest.

You need to get Short Round over here. Just have Indy grab a torch off of the wall, and then light the torch areas in front of the bridge. It will rise, and Shorty can come over.

Shorty needs to go through the crawlspace, and he will come to an area that will close up on him. He can use the lever to raise up the first crawlspace area to a place he can get a toolbox. He needs to take the toolbox across the bridge to the statue on the first level.

Indy needs to go down to the second level, and then jump across the stone platforms (not the one that looks like a skull to get to the Second Treasure Chest. Beware, as these stones will sink. By the way, when you get to the area with the treasure, you can walk to it. Don’t try and jump to it, or you will fall.

Go to the one area all the way to the right and build up a ladder. There is a red and green statue here that is ugly. So ugly, it deserves to be broken, so get behind it and push it off the end of the tiles. You will be able to assemble it into a handle of some sorts, and that handle can go on a round area to the left.

One of the characters needs to grab the tool box, and then jump on the thing that looks like a skull. Switch characters, and then the other character then must spin the mechanism, causing the other to rise. Switch again to this character, and walk to where the statue is and slam the box down in the right place. Build up that area, and you will see a new place to go.

You will need to take a rope to one rock, then another. From here, there are several ways to go. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get the Treasure Chest behind the silver bars as yet, because you won’t be able to use explosive this time around.

However, there is a treasure chest that is obtainable. To get it, jump to the big vine and climb all the way up to the top. You’ll see the Third Treasure Chest from here, and you must make a precise jump to the railings to claim it.


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