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Lego Indiana Jones Game 31: Temple of Kali, Part 2

Updated on August 25, 2008

From there, jump to the other spinning column, and jump off the other side. Keep an eye out for a purple coin here, though. Grab it while you can.

There are longer ways around this, but all you will get is more coins and stuff. Go ahead and get Indy and Shorty to the area with two buttons, and then the area with two levers. The dual levers will open the door to the next area.

This is next area involves using two levers on both sides of the room. Shorty must go to one, but they have to be ready for him. Let Indy built something on the right that will have a roof on it, then have him push that thing all the way to the right and in a slot that looks like it was made for it. He must also pull out a statue that has an orange handle to the left of that.

Shorty can use the crawlspace to go up, and he hop on a roof that was made for him. He can then hop to another area to another roof. Once he gets to where he needs to go, he can pull the lever from there. This will cause the trapped Willie to come halfway up.

As for Indy, let him go all the way to the left, and punch through a place where you will find a mechanism with a key. Turn the key and a statue with a canopy roof will come out that you will need for later.

Start climbing a ladder. Eventually, there will be a collapse, but the Fourth Treasure Chest will be revealed.

Take Indy back up the ladder, and go across a whipping platform. Now, turn right and hop on the roof of the statue you just moved. Get to the other side, but don’t pull the lever just yet. Instead, hop to the arm of the big statue and then up to a railing on the left side. Keep going up until you get the Fifth Treasure Chest. But don’t stop there, as there is a purple coin up from there.

You should be able to jump back down and pull the lever, which will haul Willie all the way up. You can now come all the way back down, where bad guys have newly assembled. If you hit one of the lead men, his hat will fall off. Go ahead and grab that hat, and go to the Thuggee statues.

When you pray to one, sparks will soon fly from an area in front of it. Do the same with the other. This will disable a man named Chattar Lal, who is the main enemy here. If he gets close to you, hit him. He will eventually fall into the sparks and explode, beginning the next level.


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