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Lego Indiana Jones Game 34: Free the Slaves, Part 3

Updated on August 25, 2008

Willie needs to jump up into this place where the slaves were kept, and wreck a can full of tools. She can then take the blue gear thing down to the first level and place it on the blue engine. There is a wrench nearby that Indy can use to fix the engine, and the Fourth Treasure Chest will be revealed.

Nothing to do now but go up a level and get out of there, beating away the debris that blocks the door. You will see a crawlspace, but you won’t be able to get it until Free Play.

In this next level, there is a bad man who seems undefeatable, but is actually quite easy to defeat. The problem is the Maharajah likes to restore his health. You need Short Round to defeat the Maharajah, but he is captured and held behind a cage.

There is some dynamite in a crate nearby. Grab it and use it on Short Round’s cage. That will free him up. There is a tall mine car nearby that has to be pushed all the way to the end of the track.

Now, get Short Round into that crawlspace and make sure he punches the Maharajah when he gets up there. Also, make certain that he jumps to certain handrails and grabs the Fifth Treasure Chest.

Jump down to the area below, and smash a barrel full of tools. Have him grab the wrench, and walk over to a bucket that is sparking. He will then fix it, and ride it up to jump to the next bucket, then to the next area where he can defeat the Maharajah.

What will happen next is the action will turn into a sole focus on defeating the main bad guy, who will go on the roller thing and throw rocks. Don’t take him out just yet.

By the way, before beating the bad guy, take the time to dig up some Lego skulls. All you need to do is use the Shovel Willie or Indy should have from the former level. Hopefully, you let Willie keep that shovel earlier. The first skull is by the roller, and the second is on the right side there, and the third is down on the next level. Unburying these three will result in the Sixth Treasure Chest.

Defeating the big guy throwing the rocks is simple. Just grab some dynamite, then get close up to him on the fence, wait until he’s targeted, and throw. After about four hits, he will be crushed on the rollers.


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