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Lego Indiana Jones Game 36: Escape the Mines, Part 2

Updated on March 1, 2013

This level can be confusing, but eventually you get used to it as the mine carts go around in circles. It helps to start with one character, which, for the sake of argument, will be Indy.

If you keep going, you will find a cartfuls of bad guys ready to try something. You should be able to knock off two cartfuls. There are some targets that you can hit to the left which will spill out some coins so get them too.

You must also hit two overhead bins. All you need to do is thrust the joystick up, and smack them with your shovel. You will also find the Fourth Treasure Chest.

Switch to Willie and Short Round’s Car. Once you take out the third cartful of bad guys, you will get the Fifth Treasure Chest.

You should also hit the last overhead bins in the same manner described above. You the Sixth Treasure Chest will appear, but you must lean left at the proper time to get it.

Speaking of leaning, there is a lot of coins that can be gathered here. However, you really have to lean out far to get them. Sometimes you have to scoop with your shovel, but some of these coins are the rare purple ones. It is very difficult to get through this level with a True Adventurer stamp.

Once the treasures are obtained, you should concentrate on hitting the signals. They will turn from red to green, and you must hit three before you can go any further. One is in the center, and can be hit by any character. The other is to the left, and only Indy can hit it. The other is on the right side, and can only be hit by Short Round. Keep in mind that these signals don’t stay down forever, so you might want to hit them quickly to move on.

In this next area, the same rules apply, but there are five track changers. Before you do those, you might want to concentrate on getting the treasures.

The Seventh Treasure Chest is somewhere on the left, and Indy can simply lean out and get it.

As for the Eighth Treasure Chest, there are three overhead compartments that need to be smashed. Indy needs to do two, and Short Round does the last.

Indy also needs to take out some carts of bad guys, and so does Short Round. You will get the Ninth Treasure Chest this way.

Go ahead and find the coins you need to be a True Adventurer, and use the switch plates to change direction when going and you will soon hit all five signals.


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      nobody in particular 7 years ago

      you have only listed 9 of the ten...