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Lego Indiana Jones Game 39: Battle of the Bridge, Part 3

Updated on August 25, 2008

Go ahead and take the next door. The first thing you will find here is a bunch of rock pillars. If you keep jumping on them and going right, you will find a place with lots of coins, as well as the Sixth Treasure Chest.

Go back until you get to a larger area with a whipping platform. Whip there, and a section of the bridge will fall over. Go around the side and work your way, jumping across other obstacles. Use the whipping platform to get to a bridge, and then punch a rock on the bottom of a chain. Switch to Short Round and have him go through the crawlspace and get to the side with the rock, and knock it off as well. The bridge will fall, allowing the characters to all move to the next section.

To get the Seventh Treasure Chest, there is an area to the left of the bridge that you might miss if you go to fast. In this area, you can make flowers that grow in the shape of a smiley face, and they go up by walking on them. What you need to do is make certain that all eighteen flowers are up at the same time. There are four (three yellow, one blue) for each eye, and ten for the mouth. The Chest will only appear if all of these are up. You may have to do this several times before you get it right.

This next area will have more things to smash. One of the first things will be a pit, but you won’t be able to do anything here just yet. You can get some high priced coins down there, though.

The last door needs everyone to make it work. Take Willie and have her jump to the high rope, and as she hangs there, switch to Short Round. Have Shorty take the crawlspace, and then go to railing, then another, and grab a rope. A Skull will appear in a hole in the ground, so have Indy stand on it. The door will open for the next section.

Now, you will soon be at the climatic climax. Mola Ram will send his Thugee goons at you, and the important thing is that you grab one of their swords. You will notice a target appear on the four bridge supports. Go ahead throw it, and a support will be cut. Mola Ram will want to come after you, so you will only get one punch before he goes back.

Go ahead and get another sword, and repeat the above process for about three more times. Eventually, Mola Ram will be defeated, and that will be it for the Temple of Doom.


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