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Lego Indiana Jones Game 41: The Hunt for Sir Richard, Part 2

Updated on August 25, 2008

Before you do that, go to the alcove where you can destroy a bunch of flowers to the right of a suit of armor. You will soon have a bunch of tiles, so go ahead and reassemble them to a floor that you can slide the suit on. Slide the suit over an orange pressure pad, and you will notice some cabinets open on the floor above you.

Get up to this area and have Elsa or Brody use the Glyphs that will open a safe for the last tool box. Before you grab it, you should grab one of the swords on the wall and go to the left. Take the railing to a hanging plank of some kind, and you will see a prompt on ropes that will allow you to make a cut. After the ropes are removed, the gray cage of a door will open, and you can grab the First Treasure Chest.

Go ahead and get the toolbox and go down to the area and assemble some tiles until “X marks the spot”. A railing on the stained glass window will appear. Go up to that second level and jump to the rope, then a ledge, then the new railing, then to another ledge. You will soon be at a place where there will be nothing to do if you haven’t been there before. However, you can have Indy go to the whipping platform, and Indy will drop the chandelier on the X tiles, and opening a new way to go.

This next room has some interesting things. The coffins will open if you jump on them, and they have either spears or skeletons in them. If it is spears, steer clear. You will notice that if one of the skeletons is found, a head Lego piece will turn revealing a skull. There are five pieces to turn, but because one of them involves a Thugee a statue that you can’t open at this present point in the game, I won’t go into detail for now. You can forget about the coffins until you get to Free Play mode.

In the meantime, you will find some shovels, so go ahead and use them. You will notice a toolbox, so carry it around the corner until you can drop it on a green pad. Build until you make a fan. You will need to pull out a gray thing with an orange handle, and jump to the railing. Hop on the top, and you will hit a pressure pad that will cause the fan will start up, revealing some hieroglyphs that Elsa can easily get past.


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