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Lego Indiana Jones Game 42: The Hunt for Sir Richard, Part 3

Updated on August 25, 2008

There are some rats dead ahead, and Elsa has a natural phobia to them. You need to have Indy jump over the rat pit, and he can grab a torch from the other side. He can then start a fire on the two pots on the left and right, and the rats will go. Elsa can now get across.

Elsa needs to jump up to a rope, which will cause some spears around a lever to retract. Indy can pull the lever and a door will open to get to the next area.

This next room involves some dual levers that can’t be pulled unless you go all the way to the right. Elsa needs to jump to a rope, and she will raise up two platforms. The last will be a whipping platform of a kind, as Indy needs to whip the spider web directly to the right of it. He can then whip it again, and extend a button that will cause a platform to come up from the water. The two characters can simultaneously pull the levers.

This next area involves moving boxes to pressure pads. One of the boxes can be found by using the whipping platform to knock it down from where it is hanging.

The other can be found by moving the big coffin all the way to the right. Have Elsa jump on the coffin and to the second level. I found that you can move the box to just before you push it off, then jump on it. Elsa can then jump from there to the Second Treasure Chest. (This can be done in another way when you FreePlay if you miss it.) Push the box off and get it into place.

You can then use a little dual pressure action to get some bars to go up, and a coffin to float up. Push the coffin back, and have Willie jump to the place where the bars were, and you will move on to the next stage.

From here, there is a lot of stuff to smash. There are also some bad guys, too, and you will notice that one of them jumps into a speed boat. You should find a boat and tail him, too.

Before you take out the bad guy, you should also hit 10 buoys, as that will free you up the Third Treasure Chest.

Go ahead and hit the guy’s boat with yours about four times, and he will go to the island in the middle. Go ahead and jump on the island and punch him a few times, and then you will have to follow him around in a boat again. He will then go to where the propeller boat is, and you have to hit him twice. The level will end there.


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    • profile image

      matilda crass 9 years ago

      Hey, you only have instructions for 3 of the tool boxes, or I do not clearly understand your directions. I got the one by the book case, the one by the stained glass window on the floor, and the one upstairs by using the knives to open the hatch. And, I have no idea where the last one is??? HELP!