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Lego Indiana Jones Game 43: Castle Rescue, Part 1

Updated on August 25, 2008

There is nothing to do in this first room but collect a few coins and grab a sword. You will see a target on some weight, so hurl the sword at it, and you will be free to go into the next area.

This area has some nasty bad guys here, including one with a bazooka. Take out all the nasties and move the picnic table on the end to the left. Have Elsa jump on the dresser drawer and jump up to get the First Treasure Chest.

Push the picnic table all the way to the right and have Indy use the whipping platform to open a window. Use the railing to jump out.

Use the whipping platform to go to the other side, and take out the bad guys from there. Indy then needs to build a bridge for Elsa to come across, and Elsa needs to hop up to an area where a bad statue sits. When she destroys it, she creates a crank that will turn a crane over, and Indy can now use the whipping platform to get to the next stage.

The room will be on fire, and one of the characters needs to wreck some tables and chairs to get out of there. A ladder can be built from the wreckage. Henry can use his hieroglyphics books to open a safe. This safe will contain some guns and other things, but best of all, the Second Treasure Chest.

After climbing the ladder, go on the bookcase to get to the next area. Destroy a lamp, and use the wreckage to build a shield on a statue. Go ahead and jump to the rope, and a curtain will open with a big statue behind it. Destroy that statue and take the shield from the big statue and put it on the smaller one. It is a simple matter of pulling out the orange handle and raise the statue, climbing the rope, jumping from statue to statue, and you will be on the other side.

Go on the bookshelves and hop to the other side. Ignore the crawlspace and push in the area with two orange handles. Henry can decipher the hieroglyphics, which will cause the table to collapse. Spinning it will open up a trap door in the fireplace.

Enter this room and destroy all the radio equipment and soldiers therein. Go ahead and build up a tiny radio from a spare pile of Lego, and move the saucers to the left and right of them. Turn the mechanism without a key, and the stereo will become so loud it will bust the glass.


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