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Lego Indiana Jones Game 46: Motorcycle Rescue, Part 2

Updated on August 25, 2008

Some soldiers will show up, but let them. You need to get the hat from the leader, and then knock on the door to raise the gate.

From here, there will be a ramp, but it can be raised up by a mechanism that already has the key. Use the motorcycles to leap over it by accelerating at the right time. On the other side, you will find the third set of flowers, which will bring you the First Treasure Chest.

In this area, there are mines. I found that best way around them was to get off the bikes, then walk up to them, then quickly run away when they started flashing. You can get a lot of coins this way.

There is a Treasure Chest behind some silver bars, but you won’t be able to get it now. However, further down the road is a shed with an open door. Feel free to grab the Second Treasure Chest from that.

When you get to the end, there will be another guard post. Some bad guys will show up on motorcycles and you will need to snatch another hat from them to get the man to raise the gate.

Once the gate is open, run back to the bikes, and take a joyride through the mud to collect the last of the coins and go through the next post.

From here, there is a lot of stuff to destroy, and there are two treasure chests in the immediate area. The Third Treasure Chest is located behind the white brick house at the entrance.

The other one is located by a wishing well, and the key on the mechanism must be turned in order to operate it. The well will come up, and the Fourth Treasure Chest will be attached.

Now, there is a guard post who won’t open the garage unless you wear the right hat. Unfortunately, the hat that you picked up earlier is gone, and you must get another one. Go ahead and go to the place with the orange levers. Go ahead and have Indy pull on one, and Henry will join in. Some bad guys will come out, so make certain you get one of their black hats. Knock on the door, and the man will open up the garage.

Get the shovel, and dig near the white brick house. You will find a trampoline, so hop on it until you get to the top of the house. Go inside of the house, and use the whipping platform to cross to another side full of boxes. Destroy all the boxes, and you will find a toolbox. Have Indy jump down to the ground and put the box in its place.


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