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Lego Indiana Jones Game 50: Trouble in the Sky, Part 3

Updated on August 25, 2008

Go to the car, and there are pieces near it where you can do most of the repairs. There is a thing that you must smash to obtain the steering wheel, and that must be put in the car. From there, go ahead and repair the car with the wrench.

Drive the car to the right, but stop when you get to the bridge. Have Indy use the whipping platform to swing over, and then smash what looks to be a pile of wood. Use the wood wreckage to build the bridge, and drive the car over, smashing through the gate.

There is nothing to do yet but keep following the path. You will eventually go down to an area where gulls will scare a pilot. You have to do this two more times before the level ends.

Go ahead and find one area by a big rock, and then go on some railings until you reach the Fourth Treasure Chest.

Keep going right from there, and you will be on another big rock, so jump to the vine. Use the vine to get to some railing, then go to another rock, then more railing. Eventually, you will come to a place where seagulls are, and that will be the second time they will flock toward the plane.

Drop down, and you will see a treasure behind the rock on the right. This is the Fifth Treasure Chest.

While you’re at it, there is a Sand Castle stuck in the sand. Hopefully, you still have the shovel from one of the earlier sections. If you don’t, there is a shovel near one of the shacks. Dig the Sand Castle up, and there should be another one to the left to unearth as well. There is another thing to dig up in this area, and that is a treasure chest. It won’t be one of the ten on this level, but one you can destroy. In it will hold a key.

Use the key on a nearby mechanism, and some stairs will be revealed to take you over the rocks. You should then dig up the last plastic sand castle, and you will have the Sixth Treasure Chest.

If you go to the ocean in this area, you will find a line of rocks that will lead to a small island. Jump from rock to rock until you reach the island, and when you are there, jump up from rock level to rock level to get the Seventh Treasure Chest.

Go ahead and go on over to the ship. Jump to the railing and then the vine. You should climb all the way to the top, as the crow’s nest has two purple coins there. Jump up to the steps to get to the last area of seagulls, and the level will end.


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