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Lego Indiana Jones Game 55: Temple of the Grail, Part 2

Updated on August 25, 2008

You will now have just Sallah and Indy for the rest of the journey. You need to translate the hieroglyphics to start the traps operation. The reason is ironic, because it is the only way to get past them. Stay away from the buzzsaw and wait until the spears retract before you dare try and pass.

Go past the bridge with the boards that fall out, and you will see the Second Treasure Chest in between two blades. Just wait until they retract before you get it.

You should then have Sallah dig up a section, and then break it apart to get some railing. From there, it is a matter of avoiding the spears and buzzsaws. This can be very tricky. Timing is everything here. There is very little I can say to help you.

Once you are on that side, use the whipping platform to lower a bridge. Cross over, and have Sallah did up a palm idol. Smash it, and use the pieces to make a “handle” for the bridge. Push that bridge until it reaches the other side, and cross over.

From here, take an upper pathway to a turnstile thing, and keep pushing it around until the spikes shrink back into the wall. Go ahead and go to the place where the spears have retracted, and then grab the block thing to put it on a place on the wall that is marked. Push on that thing until a door opens.

Go ahead and ignore the stuff you won’t get to the first time, and get to the vine. Get to the other side, and have Indy translate the hieroglyphs and open up a special place. Send Indy to the whipping platform, and he will get a purple button. He needs to drop off that purple button in a certain place, and a door will open, revealing a golden key. A character can take that key, put it in a mechanism that needs one, and both will soon join in and make a bridge.

At the end of the bridge, the character needs to jump to a railing, and then travel on them until they get to the opposite side. If you really want to take a chance here, you can grab a purple coin that is precariously balanced.

You then need to go to a whipping platform, and send Indy to the other side. Out of a nearby pile, he needs to build a vine that will allow Sallah to join him. Sallah needs to jump across the nearby pit of snakes, and grab a torch. He then needs to jump in the snakepit and light a fire.


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