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Lego Indiana Jones Game 57: The Lost Temple Free Play

Updated on August 26, 2008

I realize that I have spent very little time going over anything found at Bartlett College, as it does not really pertain if you are just trying to beat the game. That does not mean that you should not explore all the rooms around there, but you should check out all the areas that you can. Viewing the artifacts, and so forth. Hold tight onto your wallet, as there is a lot of stuff to buy, and some of it is worth it.

The only thing left to do now in the game is go into the FreePlay mode and start getting all of the Treasure Chests, Parcels, and Secret Characters.

In order to do this, you need to go to the Library. Start buying up characters. By now, you should have more than enough coins. Most of these will come in handy. Ones that are especially valuable are the short characters like the Maharajah or slave boy, the explosive characters like the bazooka soldiers, the Thugee worshippers, who are made obvious their hats.

You can then start by replaying the level in any order, and I have given Free Play instructions in the original order you played, just to make it easy. You may select one character, and then it should automatically select characters that you can toggle to while you are playing.

Lost Temple Free Play

Go ahead and go through to where you get the monkey head idol. There is a silver gate here that can only be broken by a character who wields explosives. Go ahead and blow up the gate, and jump over the stones to enter in. Go ahead and get the Ninth Treasure Chest, as well as the Second Secret Character who is hanging out in a barrel.

Go to the Thugee statue and become a character that will affect that statue like the Maharajah, or Thugee Swordsman. Once you get a positive response, the spikes will retract down below, and you can jump down there and keep moving to the left.

You will eventually come to an area that is blocked by glass, but has the Parcel within. You can shatter the glass as Willie’s scream, or you can blow it open with an explosives guy. Either way, get the Parcel, and walk over to the right and put it in the mailbox. Watch out for the rolling head, and my advice is don’t start taking the Parcel until the head has finished rolling by.

Continue going left until you reach the hieroglyphics. When you get there, enter in the code, and a bridge will extend. Go into the door and get the Tenth Treasure Chest. You can go ahead and Save and Exit from here. What you have to do is exit, and then hit the Save and Exit button.


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      BenZ FlaMe 6 years ago

      U talking nonsense there 2 monkey idol gold and Grey which one?

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      savannah 7 years ago

      wtf is this!

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      club penguin  7 years ago

      me too!

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      patrick robinson 7 years ago

      i dont get it