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Lego Indiana Jones Game 60: Well of the Souls and Pursuing the Ark, Free Play

Updated on August 26, 2008

Well of the Souls

The first step is get to the area with the two spiky traps. On the left, you will need to send in a character through the crawlspace, or you can just grab a torch from the other room and run in with the snakes. Anyway, destroy the two silver dinosaurs with some explosive, and then take the sword on the wall. Go back to the other side, and then throw the sword at the other raised half of the drawbridge there. You can now cross over, grab the big box, and put it on the orange pressure pad to the right. The door will raise up, and you can grab the Eighth Treasure Chest.

This room will have more than just one treasure chest. Go ahead and beat the stuff on the wall, and you will open a door to an area that looks like the map room. There is a standing block in the corner, so push it left, down, then left again, and a red/green spinner thing will come up. Spin that thing, and the light will start to reflect. The yellow globe in the middle will open, and you can grab the Ninth Treasure Chest.

When you get to the room with the sandy staircase and the statues on one side, blow up the silver statue. The Tenth Treasure Chest will be revealed, and you can Save and Exit from there.

Pursuing the Ark

This first area has a few treasures to obtain. The Seventh Treasure Chest is located all the way to the right, by the mine car. Just push it into the thing and build up the crawlspace. Go in and the chest will be yours for the taking. Go ahead and grab that purple coin too, while you’re at it.

Become a woman character and go all the way to the left and jump up to the next level, where the boxes and a silver gate are. Blow up the silver gate with the explosive, and turn into another character to translate the hieroglyphics. A glass case will rise up with the Eighth Treasure Chest in it, so use a scream or explosive to get it.

When the crane is fixed, and its weight in the proper place. Go ahead and use the crane to lift another character to the level to the left. Grab the Parcel, and drop it some place before the steel cage that hides a lever. Blow up the cage, and pull the lever. Some stairs will be revealed, and the cage in front of the mailbox will open. Grab the Parcel and jump your way up those stairs. It is difficult, as these jumps require some room. Don’t go up to the stair all the way and jump, hang back and make the jump. You’ll see what I mean.

The point is to beat the clock and get that Parcel into that mailbox. With a little persistence, you will get it.

Go to the area that requires two fan motors being in place before entering in. You need to destroy two barbeques under a tent, and that will reveal two ladders. Go ahead and take a ladder and put it on the tower in the left corner. Take another ladder and do the same. Climb both ladders and you will need to shatter the glass and take the Ninth Treasure Chest.

When you get to the place with the airplane and strongman, make sure you have a character who has a gun. Over on the right there will be targets that come up constantly. These do not move the first time you play, so shoot all five and the Tenth Treasure Chest will be revealed. Save and Exit.


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    • profile image

      Brie 6 years ago

      I can't blow up the gate to get to the hieroglyphics wall, and I'm bazooka trooper.