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Lego Indiana Jones Game 65: Battle on the Bridge, Free Play

Updated on August 26, 2008

The first treasure in Free Play Mode here is right on your right, behind a silver door. What you can do is enter in as a character that wields explosives, and blow it up. Then you must enter in and grab the Treasure chest and leave before the water gets to you.

Unfortunately, this is not easy. You will have to restart and do this level again if you do not get the Eighth Treasure Chest this very first time. There is a purple coin there to. You can just let the wave wash over you unless you didn’t get that First Treasure Chest we discussed at the first time we played this game. If you somehow missed it, go ahead and keep running until you get it.

Once you get to that waterfall area, you should find that crawlspace you had to send Short Round through to get the key to extend a bridge? Well, there was a place to dig there, but you may not have had a shovel then. Go in and dig now and get the Ninth Treasure Chest.

By the way, I believe I have mentioned the Ninth Treasure Chest before. It is possible to obtain it the first time you play this level, but I simply didn’t recommend it because of all the back-tracking you have to do. If you did get it the first time, just ignore everything that I said in the previous paragraph.

Eventually you will come to the area where there are hieroglyphs. Translate them, and some rocks will become pillars. Go ahead and change into a woman character and jump on them, and you will soon come to a platform with the Tenth Treasure Chest. Go ahead and grab that purple coin while you’re at it.

As for the Parcel, there is an area right before the final area that looks like it is one of those concealed traps. It’s the same place where you found that smiley face flowers. When you fall down here, and destroy the spiders, and then become a bazooka or grenade guy and destroy the silver door. You will find a toolbox, so put it on the green platform.

Here, you have two options. You can either take the sword behind the silver door, or you will become a character with a sword. Either way, you have to use a sword to destroy the chain on a hanging cage. The cage will drop, and you can grab the toolbox and place it on the green platform. You can now make the mailbox.

The Parcel Box is located in a place that has to be dug up, and then can be put in the mailbox. Save and Exit.


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