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Lego Indiana Jones Game 68: Castle Rescue and Motorcycle Escape, Free Play

Updated on August 26, 2008

Castle Rescue

The first treasure chest in Free Play is obtained by blowing up four silver armored knights. The first one will be on the right as you come in. The other two are in the next area, and I believe they are the ones holding the red shields.

As for the last one, you will need to become a Thugee worshiper and stop by the statue in this area. A bookcase will slide away. This next room is quite big, and destroy the knight with the red shield to reveal the Seventh Treasure Chest.

You can get the Parcel here this way too. Go ahead and blow up the other knight’s armor here, and you will find pieces to a mechanism that you can build. This mechanism will cause a rope to go down, and if you jump on the rope, a doorway will be open to reveal the Parcel. Nothing to do but mail it.

There are some file cabinets in the corner that can be destroyed, and you will find pieces of a crawlspace entrances. Go ahead and reassemble them, and you will have the entrance a smaller character can use to get to a balcony with the Eighth Treasure Chest.

This next Treasure Chest can be found on the area where the crane is. You will see a shining silver box, and you can turn into an explosive character to destroy it. Turn into a woman character to make the jump over, and get the Ninth Treasure Chest.

In the room that is on fire, work your way up to the area with the multi-colored table by the fireplace. You will see a crawlspace entrance located behind some books. Destroy them, and crawl through to get the Tenth Treasure Chest. Go ahead and save and exit.

Motorcycle Escape

In this first area, you will notice a motorboat with a silver tether to it. Blow it up with some explosive, and take the boat and go to the right. You will be at an area with several cases and a treasure chest. Go ahead and turn to a woman character to jump up and grab the Seventh Treasure Chest.

You should see a silver gate that is padlocked shut. Go ahead and explode it open and walk in and go into the corner where there is a checkered brick. Put it down in the highlighted area, and you will be able to move an orange handled thing. The floor will open up, and you can grab the Eighth Treasure Chest.

You will soon come to an area where there is a treasure chest behind some silver bars. Destroy the silver bars and claim the Ninth Treasure Chest.

When you go into the one house, you will find a tractor that is only there if you are playing the game in Free Play mode. Go ahead and fix that broken tractor and get in. You should be able to go anywhere outside, and the bad guys won’t chase after you for some reason. Go ahead and go to the garden areas, and you can run over a whole lot of planted areas. You will find three carrots, and when all of them are found, the Tenth Treasure Chest will appear at the bridge.

As for the Parcel, go ahead and go to the windmill, where you will find a key. Take the key and put it in the mechanism, located on the left part of the mill. Give it a spin, and eventually a case will come out the front. You can put the case on the green area, and then turn to a woman character to retrieve the Parcel. You can then put it in a mailbox.


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    • profile image

      Star 3 years ago

      I have been following your pgerross for about 6 months and was excited to see the posting for kick starter. But after viewing your video I have one concern. Looking at the footage it appears that this is one of the mature games where the female characters stand around in their underwear while the male characters get the cool armor. The reason I love playing Turbine games and have been following you and Sandra as exTurbine employees is the way they depict female vs. male characters. I understand that there is a large market for games where the female characters run around in their underwear with a few jewels added to make them magical but that is not a game I am willing to support. Could you please give some input on how you want the male vs. female characters to be portrayed? I know a number of you will think I am being a prude but when is the last time your wife went to work in just her underwear? Having stripers in a seedy bar is fine but having a fighter fighting without armor because she is female does not fit in a reasonable world.

    • profile image

      Guardian 6 years ago

      I found that the tractor comes out only when you are playing single player. If you have 2 players, get one of them to drop out first before going into the barn. Drive the tractor out and over 3 plots of land, and then the other player can rejoin.

    • profile image

      Adrian 7 years ago

      wrong the tractor is in the barn both times

    • profile image

      JT 8 years ago

      Mailbox is right beside the well.

    • profile image

      this person 8 years ago

      i cant get the tractor out and where is the mail box

    • profile image

      Tristan 8 years ago

      nice i will try all of these. I am sure they will work.

    • profile image

      your mother 8 years ago

      thank you that helped

    • profile image

      Diana 8 years ago


    • Mark Rollins profile image

      Mark Rollins 9 years ago

      If you are playing in "Story" mode, the tractor won't be in the barn. You need to be in Free Play mode. Have you found three garden areas that I referred to? I believe the Treasure Chest might be too high, so you might need to turn into a high-jumper (female) character.

    • profile image

      rSherry 9 years ago

      How do you get the 10th treasure chest at the bridge? We've tried everything