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Lego Indiana Jones Game 69: Trouble in the Sky and Desert Ambush, Free Play

Updated on August 26, 2008

Trouble in the Sky

You should be able to find this next treasure chest because it involves leaping to an area that is back and to the right. A treasure chest will be under glass, but an explosive or screaming Willie is just enough to crack its shell. Go ahead and get the Eighth Treasure Chest.

After you get on the ground, you need to go back to the house. You will need to use Indy to get up to the clock again, and smash it. Take the gear and get down, but drop it so you can concentrate on turning into an explosive character. Blow up the silver metal thing, and you will find a key. Use the key on the mechanism on the front door. You will notice that the clock begins to move when you do this. Keep turning until the clock reads 12:45, just like the grafitti on the side of the house. The front door will open, so go in and claim the Ninth Treasure Chest.

You will notice when you get to the farm area, you will find a tractor that wasn’t there when you played the first time. Get on this tractor, and drive to the left, and run over areas with plants that have a red spot in the middle. These things will uncover some odd Lego formations, so destroy them and you will discover the Parcel will appear. The mailbox is by the barn, so drop it off.

After you get to the next area after this, you will find some tan colored mounds. They can be destroyed with explosives, and the first one you pass will have a crawlspace behind it. Go ahead and turn into a short character and use it, and you will have the Tenth Treasure Chest.

Desert Ambush

The first time you played this game, you may have noticed some hieroglyphics that you weren’t able to open the first time. Now is your chance. Simply destroy two barrels, and make a ladder from the wreckage. Send a character who can translate hieroglyphics, and enter. There is some silver wreckage here, so turn into a explosive character and destroy it.

You will enter a room with a lion statue. Go ahead and turn into the proper character and pray to the Thugee character. Some tiles will fall around you, and use them to complete the ones in back of the lion. Push the lion forward, and turn to a shoveler character and dig what is in front of him. You will now have the Eighth Treasure Chest.

Remember when you were getting toolboxes at this level and had to go into that one cave. You may have noticed the silver boxes in one corner. Take them out with explosives, and you will be able to grab a golden key. You can then go all the way up to this next level by fixing the elevator, and using the key on the mechanism. The platform near the mechanism will now become a whipping platform, and you can whip over to grab the a few purple coins as well as the Ninth Treasure Chest.

To get the Parcel in the area, what you have to do is make the ladder on the left side. You should then jump across the flimsy platforms until you get to the box that you normally push off the cliff. What you are now going to do is become a woman character and jump on it, then jump to a railing. Go to another one, and then grab the Parcel. Go ahead and drop down to a safe area and just drop it somewhere. After you defeat the tank, the mail box is underground, underneath those flimsy bridges. Go ahead and become a digger, dig it out, and drop off the Parcel.

When the tank is destroyed, you can move on to another area. All you need to do is destroy or trick the tank into destroying some barrels in front of the crawlspace, then turn to a small character and get right in there. You will soon find the Tenth Treasure Chest.

Save and Exit


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    • profile image

      jmanrookie14 6 years ago

      There are these thing you break and you re-make them into mines, when the tank starts moving again he hits it and a heart off of his life bar is gone you continue doing that until he is dead.

    • melodyandes profile image

      melodyandes 6 years ago

      Interesting game. Wanna play it.Thanks.

    • profile image

      Brock White 7 years ago

      on desert ambush how do you destroy the guy in the tank, because i can never shoot him because his head never pops out. And his tank just goes in circles!

    • profile image

      Brock White 7 years ago

      on desert ambush how do you destroy the guy in the tank, because i can never shoot him because his head never pops out. And his tank just goes in circles!

    • profile image

      forrest 7 years ago

      on desert ambush how do you beat the guy in the tank if any one has the answer to my questin e-mail me at thx e-mailk me asap thx