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Lego Indiana Jones Game 7: Into the Mountains, Part 2

Updated on August 25, 2008

Toht will come back, and hurling chairs at him will take him out once more. He will eventually go down, and the action shifts outdoors.

To the left of the bar is a house with a bad guy at front. This is the first time the game introduces you to knocking on the door with a different hat. Try as I might, I could not find a hat that would fall off that was appropriate. You’ll have to do this in the Free Play area.

You will also notice something that needs to be dug up, but there is not a convenient shovel nearby. Try something else later in Free Play mode, and it will eventually lead you to treasure.

For now, there is a pile of wood next to the bar. Destroy it and, you can build the First Snowman. This is one of three you must build here.

Keep going right of the bar. There are a lot of things to be smashed, and coins to be gained here. Now, you may notice a silver X on the door, yes, it can be exploded, but not at this present time.

There is a stack of dynamite by a gate that can be destroyed with some flame. There are several torches you can grab, and then lighting it is as simple as getting close up to it. The gate will blow up, and you can go in and build the Second Snowman. You can also build a platform, and put it in the area required, near a motor on the right.

There is a toolbox nearby, and smashing it reveals a wrench. I would have one of the characters come in and use the wrench to fix the motor. The elevator platform will go up, and the adventurers can use a rail to get more right.

Indy needs use the whipping platform to get to the other side. If he is lucky, he can beat up the four men on the other side. Indy can then assemble a bridge, and push it to the other side so Marion can join him. He should also cross over to get a torch, and use it to light the long fuse on the dynamite. He can then build the Third Snowman, and obtain the Third Treasure Chest.

Marion needs to do some work as only she can make the jump up to the place where a barrel full of red brick resides. She then needs to push the bricks off the edge. She can assemble the dynamite and then grab a torch to light it. A new area will be found.


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