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Lego Indiana Jones Game 74: Ancient City Bonus Levels, Part 2

Updated on August 26, 2008

In this area, you will find and area that looks like Stonehenge. Just become and explosive character and destroy all of it, until even some of the floor is gone. Plant the flowers nearby for some other wealth. You will need to become a digger person to discover the blocks to make the letter “O”.

You will then find the Rickshaw, and if you get on it, you will find a line of blue coins that you can retrieve. It is difficult to get this thing over the tracks, but I found that by jumping out caused it to go forward just enough so you can pull it on the other side. You will find some blue coins that you won’t be able to get.

Might as well talk more about this area. There is some temple there that you can destroy, and you can reassemble some tiles as well. A lot of this flooring area is weak, and can be destroyed with explosive. Destroy enough of it, and you will be able to assemble a letter “G”.

The Dinosaur Skeleton is where it really gets interesting. Go ahead and assemble it, and you’ll find a pack of dynamite near a hole in the ground. Take the dynamite and throw it into that hole, and you can watch the floor crack up. Destroy as much of that floor as possible, and you’ll be able to build the tail of that dinosaur. You will also find the head of the dinosaur, and you will be able to lift it out only by dropping higher a step higher up. You then need to walk along the tail with it, and drop it off on top.

If you continue up this area, you will find an oil derrick. Blow up everything near it, and take the time to fix it by becoming a character with a wrench (or use the wrench nearby). After it is fixed, it will pump some oil. Fix it some more, and it will pump so much oil that is will explode. You can assemble the wreckage into a letter “E”.

There is a whipping platform in the left corner. You can use it to get some coins. There is another area here that is marked by a gold coin. Just go in and collect the coins, and then turn into Wille and scream to destroy the glass.

There is one area that has a Sphinx on it. What you must do is go up to it, and start to assemble its head from some spare parts. A crawlspace will then come up, so turn into a short character to pull a lever. A lot of parts will fall, and you can fininsh assembling the Sphinx’s head. You will find some red things in the wall that are like dual pressure pads. Jump one character on it, and the other will follow. The head of the Sphinx will fall, and it will roll over to contact with an Easter Island head.

Now, what you need to do is get one of the motorcycles by where the mine cars used to be. Go through the flashing posts located near the oil derrick. Start at the one at the beginning, and accelerate after everyone you go past. These posts will turn green, which means that you made it through. When you get through all of it, a trap door will open with more coins. You’ll also be able to assemble the letter “L”

That should be enough to auto exit the level.


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    • profile image

      Molly 7 years ago

      I am stuck and I need about 4,000 more studs...... IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY

    • profile image

      Cassie 8 years ago

      Have done all that and still havent gotten out of the level