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Lego Indiana Jones Game 8: Into the Mountains, Part 3

Updated on August 25, 2008

The first thing you should notice is the Lego ice pieces that can be broken. A short character is able to enter one, but you don’t have that one for now. You’ll have to abandon this treasure for now.

In the meantime, continue on as Indy and use the whipping platform to destroy a barrel full of sticks. He can use the sticks to build a ledge for Marion to traverse across.

From here, Marion needs to jump toward a mechanism, and use a mechanism to open a door. There are two statues that have to be destroyed. One of them leaves behind some pieces that make up a ledge. You can then use that ledge to go to another level and push a statue off the edge. The pieces from that statue can be used to build a platform.

If you still have the wrench, you can repair the engine and use the elevator to get to the next level.

You will then need to jump across some areas that will blow up. Eventually, you will be in a place where you can traverse down. As a side note, there is a Lego Luke Skywalker hanging in the cave behind you. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get the treasure chest here at this point.

Okay, you will soon be in this giant room with a very multi-colored thing in one corner. Punch through it, and a shovel will be revealed. You can use the shovel to dig in an area by the edge, and you will find the key. Use the key to unlock the mechanism, and the rope will come down lower.

By the way, if you want to, you can grab the shovel and go all the way back to the beginning. There is an area where you must dig up pieces of a snowmobile, and then get in that snowmobile and go through five hurdle things. You will find the Fourth Treasure Chest here. However, you can always refrain from doing this until later.

In the meantime, you’ll have to get the treasures back where you were before. There is a large statue of a bat-like creature. You should push it all the way to the left.

Jump to the rope, and climb until you are at an edge. Then jump to some railing until you can get to another ledge. Jump to some railing and shimmy around until one character is atop the statue. Have another character come down and push the statue, this time all the way to the right.


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