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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 12: Darth Maul

Updated on September 28, 2008

The first thing that Darth Maul will do is send is guys at you. The only way a Jedi can possibly repel his attacks is deflect the battledroids’ lasers back at them. Once all four are cleared away, he will then use the force to throw barrels at you, but you must hurl them back.

I found that when they are in range, they will glow blue. I think there is some point where you can’t use them, as sometimes the force will not work. Eventually, you will deflect the barrels back at him and defeat him.

Now, you can levitate a bridge and cross to the other side. Go ahead and get to the other side and there are many studs to collect here.

On the right side for example, you can levitate a Naboo starfighter, hop on top, and grab the First Canister.

Go on the left side and you can do a similar action to get on the Naboo starfighter and grab the Second Canister. By the way, don’t pull the levers on the wall first, or the Naboo Starfighter will take off and you’ll miss the canister.

There is also some elevators that you have to do the twin levitation on in order to get higher. From there, you should be able to get more studs, but you won’t be able to get past the stromtrooper thing until Free Play.

Go ahead and get going out of that area. You will get to an area where you must keep going up on platforms to get to the top. You may notice a lot of studs on top, but sadly, you won’t be able to get there until Free Play. The same goes for that one canister, too.

Just get yourself to the next area.

In this one area, there are two areas where a battledroid commander will drop in his troops. Go to each side, take out the commander, and get all the studs.

There are some areas that are have some beams on them. Go ahead and ride those to the top, and you can get some studs. One of them will have the Third Canister on it.

Take out the droidikas, and use the dual pressure pads. A bridge will open to the next level.

You will need to go in, and its simply a matter of using dual Jedi powers on opening some levers at the same time, along with moving some things into place.

Eventually, you will be facing Darth Maul. You may notice some canisters here, but I think it is a whole lot easier to get these in Free Play mode. Just go ahead and defeat Darth Maul.


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