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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 121: Through the Jundland Wastes, Blue Canister Challenge Level

Updated on October 30, 2008

Since this is one of the longer levels, you have about twelve minutes to get all the canisters here. Start on the left side, and then go left to get the First Blue Canister.

Go over to where the gulf is, and take out the Sandpeople there. Now, hover over the gulf as a hovering character, then become a bounty hunter and put an explosive on the shiny things here. They will explode, and you will have a new place to go to. Go on to the back and grab the Second Blue Canister.

Keep going back to the Tusken village, and raise up some rocks with the Force. Jump up to the huts, and the one on the left side has a door that can be removed with the force. Go ahead and remove it, and then barge in the hut to get the Third Blue Canister.

This next one is located past the area where you must build the box to get to the higher area. You can then jump on a ledge, then another, and then build a grapple spot. You will at last have the Fourth Blue Canister.

You will notice the Fifth Blue Canister stashed in the side of the Sandcrawler. The best thing to do is get up to the top of the sandcrawler, and then drop off, you should be able to get it, but make sure the vacuum thing is on.

When you enter in the sandcrawler, there will be a room to the left that only Threepio can open. Do so, and go and get the Sixth Blue Canister sitting near the table.

When you get to the area after you ride the elevator, use the dark side of the Force on the area all the way to the left. You will have the Seventh Blue Canister.

When you leave the Sandcrawler, you will find an area with a scissorlift. You must use the dark side of the force on it, and then jump up to get to the Eighth Blue Canister. You must then jump up again and again, because it is all the way in the back.

At the last vaporizer, you need to drain it and destroy it. You will find that you can chop up the flowers, and make a platform to a higher area. Hover over from there to get the Ninth Blue Canister.

When you cross the area with the landspeeder, go ahead and kill the stormtroopers, then jump on a dewback, the big lizard thing, and jump on the back of Obi-Wan’s house. You will then have the Tenth Blue Canister.


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