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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 2: Negotiations, Part 1

Updated on September 28, 2008

It is pretty easy to make True Jedi on this level, as apparent from this first room. If you use the Force on the Table, the chairs will dance to the cantina theme and many studs will be revealed. You can then use the force on the individual chairs for more studs.

Don’t forget the barrels that can be lightsabered for additional studs. Go ahead and use the force on the door and leave the room.

Take out a few rounds of the robots before you get to the hallway with blue levers. You will find other levers nearby on the walls that will give you some studs if you flip them with the force.

If you look to the left, you will find a door that only a droid can open, more specifically, a protocol droid. You can leave this for now.

Go ahead and turn right here. Walk up to the engine and use the force on it. It will shake violently, and then explode with lots of coins. If you look on the left and right side, you can use the force to repair some elevators. Just make a double jump when you reach the top, and you can get an extra blue coin. You will almost be at True Jedi at this point, if you aren’t already.

Go ahead and walk down the hall with the blue levers. Flip every one, and you will see a confirmation of its on position by a light at the end of the hall. Once all six have been flipped, the First Canister will appear. Jump to get it.

Head to the hall with purple levers, and flip each of them. The Second Canister will be revealed.

Soon you will run into TC-14, and you can use him to open some doors. Don’t use him to open the door that is closest to him. Rather take control of him and walk back to the meeting room. There is a door to the left as you leave the meeting room that you want him to open.

In this room, there are two red circles which are dual pressure pads. Have a character stand on one, and the other character should move to the other. (This is on a single player game.) The shield will drop and the battledroids will come out. Defeat them all and grab the Third Canister.

Don’t forget to get all the wealth of studs on the floor. There is even more wealth to be gained. There are two gears in this room, and when levitated, they will go to a machine that is a mechanical arm. Stand on a box in front of the arm, and use the force. You will be lifted up, and then you can double-jump on the top to get more coins. Some coins will also fall out of the bottom as well.


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