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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 21: Gunship Calvary

Updated on September 28, 2008

This is one of those levels where you are a ship shooting up obstacles, and get to a common goal.

If you look straight ahead and a little bit to your left, you will see the First Canister on one of those things that look like mines. Go ahead and get it.

Blast those things that look like rockets, along with those walking things and wheeled things. Go ahead and get any studs from them while you can.

You should definitely notice those guns on the side that you can’t shoot, but they seem to have no problem shooting you. Go ahead and let their lasers die down, and you can fly past them.

The Second Canister is actually in the path of two lasers as they fire. You can just shoot it to minimize the risk of getting it, but you do need to cross the lasers and move forward.

You will soon come to an area where you can use a tow cable to grab a bomb of some sort. You will need to drag that bomb to the towers that serve as a force field, and destroy one of them. Then you need to go back and do it again, while going through some laser-fields. Yeah, I know, but it’s only a little tough.

As you might have guessed, you need to ignore that TIE area now. This is the only thing that has to be reached on Free Play, so I guess you could call that a plus.

Once you get past that field, there is another to go through. What you need to do is grab it, go through three lasers, then one, then a pair, then another pair. Take out those two, but don’t go until you get all the fun stuff.

For example, in the three consecutive lasers, there is the Third Canister.

Soon after that, you will see a rock all the way to the right. It may be hard to make this move, but you will need to go around it and get the Power Brick.

Now, you may have noticed after you passed the three consecutive lasers that a wall that looks like freeway K-rails is protecting another canister. You will need to get a rolling bomb, and roll it there to blow up this boundary. The Fourth Canister will then be yours.

There will be another shield that has to be taken out at the end, and you have to use the rolling bombs again.

From here, it becomes only somewhat difficult to take out the main spherical ship. What you need to do is get the rolling bombs to take out the turbolasers, and then that will drop the shields around them. Blast the things and that come up from there, and get the studs in order to make it to True Jedi.

In this area, you will find the Fifth Canister, Sixth Canister, Seventh Canister, Eighth Canister, all the way through the Ninth Canister. Once the ship is blasted up, the level will end.


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    • profile image

      Rich Kay 7 years ago

      Thanks Mark. My 4 year old grandson and I appreciate the post. : ) Went on to the next 3 levels!