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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 24: Chancellor in Peril, Part 1

Updated on September 28, 2008

There isn’t much to do in the hangars, but you should take the time to get as many studs as you can here. Go ahead and ignore the grapple thing now, as you won’t be able to use them until FreePlay.

From here, you will see General Grevious running down hall, and he’ll send a few battledroids after you. Take them out, and get as many studs as possible. If you pull about eight levers here, a trapdoor above the door will fall and you can pick up many of those studs. You can then use the force on the door and it will shatter.

You’ll soon find yourself in a hall, and you can get some more studs after dealing with a few battledroids. Go ahead and drop down another level to take out a few battledroids there, and ignore the Artoo panel for now.

From here, you will get to the end of the hall, and use the Force to turn some control panels on the wall into some steps up. Take out the battledroids there. Before finding the doorway out, go to the left, and a droidika will be guarding a room with a good reason. Take out the droidika and use the force on the engine therein. You will receive quite a bit of studs as a reward.

Go ahead and use the force on both entrances, and go in and take out all the enemies. Artoo-Detoo will be revealed, so take him and open up the first door on the left. You will find the First Canister.

You’ll have to ignore the Threepio door and get Artoo to open the door all the way to the right. Have one of the Jedis move the box with the force, and then use the force again to make it blow up. A ramp to a new area will be revealed.

You’ll soon be in an area with rafters. Do not fall off. Now, go to your left and you will find the Second Canister. You may notice another one there, but you need to use Free Play.

Go ahead and go to the right and use the force to turn a gray area into a platform and jump up to the next area. Then use the force to activate an elevator, and take up to the next floor. Defeat the droidika, and have Artoo open the door.

Time to once again face Count Dooku. He’s surrounded by guards, but they can be taken out. He will soon use the lightning attack in Episode II, Level 6. Go ahead and change to another character, and you can then take out Dooku while he’s occupied shocking another. He will then flip upstairs. Take out his entourage.


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