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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 25: Chancellor in Peril, Part 2

Updated on September 28, 2008

You should then go up to the next level and take out Dooku in the same manner. Take out his battle droids, and he will flip down below. He’ll do the same lightning attack, and you can take him out.

Go ahead and go back upstairs. There are two rooms to the left and right that contain some enemies and some studs, and the exit is to the center.

In this next room, there are some doors on the sides. On the door to the right is the Third Canister, as well as a Threepio door you can open for now. On the left is an Artoo door that you can open and another Threepio one that you can ignore.

Go toward the center, and what will happen is a wall will move toward you. You will need to watch out for the holes in the ground, and you should not jump over them. They will just blow you up and make you hit the ceiling. Your goal is to make certain you make it to the end of the hall. Forget about collecting studs here, as when you get to the end, you can use Artoo to make the wall go back, and you can collect as many studs as you would like.

Go ahead and cross into this next room. You can then go into the area with many steam-powered controls. For example, the first one requires using the force on two dials to open up a trap door with lots of studs.

The second one involves using the force on a dial to stop a wall of steam. The third involves two Jedi’s using the force on two dials to release another trap door of studs.

Another wall of steam needs Artoo to go underneath, and then turn off the wall of steam with a nearby Artoo panel on the other side. After this, there is ramp that can drop down, but you will need to hit it with a lightsaber. Go ahead an go to the other pipe, and use the force to increase the pressure. You will soon find the Fourth Canister.

The door is to the right, and Artoo needs to open it up. In this room, Grevious will send two of his bodyguards after you as he gets away. You can then take them out, but be warned they will attack you even without a head.

The only thing to do here is simply go in and take out all the battledroids in the next room. On the left side of the entrance is the Fifth Canister, and on the right side is the Sixth Canister. Grab as many studs as you can take use the force on the two levers. The level will end right there.


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