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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 27: Defense of Kashyyyk, Part 1

Updated on September 28, 2008

The first area has a bunch of lights that Yoda can use the force on, and he can then lightsaber for some studs. He should fill up with as much as possible and use the force on two areas that will make a bridge drop.

Since Yoda walks with a cane, I found that it was easier to run with Chewbacca and switch to Yoda for saber combat. You will find as you go to the next area that there is some area that requires the Dark Side of the Force to use. Go ahead and ignore it for now.

You will then need to go into an area that requires you to take out many Clone Troopers. Once they are gone, get as many studs as possible and drop the bridge to the next area like you did last time.

From here you need to save three Wookees. The first is across the bridge and to the left. Since Chewie is a shooter, he is also a grappler, and he can use the first grapple point he sees to get to a new level. He then needs to jump to the next grapple point, and then another.

He can then get to the next area to save the first of the three Wookees. Gather a lot of studs, and drop down to the area where Yoda will still be. You can run around the tree to get more studs, and you might notice a machine that gives Chewie a Top Hat.

You will soon be on another path. If you go to one area, you will see another Wookee held captive. You might want to go left, and you’ll encounter an area with some boxes. If you blast them, grappler areas will appear, and you can go higher to grab the First Canister.

Go back to where you were at with the crossroads, and you will find an area to go to the right. There will be some boxes here, but Yoda needs to show up to use the force to make a grapple area. Chewie will then need to use this grapple area to save another Wookee from two Clone guards.

Once he jumps down, there is nothing left to do but save the last Wookee and gather all the studs from the area. You will then need to go into another area with some pressure pads. The Wookees await as Yoda and Chewie will make a bridge come down.

This next area has bad guys everywhere, and they don’t quit. You will notice a walker thing that comes at you. It can be taken down, and then used. You can even walk it toward a rock, and jump out. You can grab the Second Canister there.

There is another canister halfway down, but it will not be obtainable at this point. What is really hard is getting another canister.


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