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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 31: Darth Vader, Part 1

Updated on September 29, 2008

This is one of those areas that is always blowing up, and all you need to do is keep going until you get it right. I really don’t like giving players that type of advice, because it really is something that you can figure out by yourself.

In fact, while we are on this subject, I don’t feel any reason to tell you which way to run, because you have to move quickly. You will have to jump over cracks, and there is a strong possibility of falling into lava. What might help is following the other character that is being worked by the computer and imitate his actions.

I can tell you that the First Canister is located on the left side as you are about to leave, and leaving is done to the right.

When you do leave, you will be in some room with pillars. This room will completely blow up if you stay in it too long, and there is a definite time limit that you can stay. This number will be displayed very prominently on screen. If you move the pillars located by the control panels, then you will extend your time in this room. Go ahead and fix the pillars on your right, then run down and fix the ones on the right there.

At the end of the room you will see lots of studs mixed in with the Second Canister. Take those and use them.

On the left you will find some more pillars to fix for some extra time. Fix them and use your saber to destroy a yellow vault door. You will find the Third Canister here.

Keep working your way down and left. One console will have a singular lever. Use the force on the lever and a ramp will fall which will have the Fourth Canister.

Going down and left, you will discover an area which will require two levers be moved with the force. The console glass will crack up, and you can get the Fifth Canister.

The only thing you won’t be able to get as far as a bonus is the Power Brick, because it requires an Artoo.

You must then fix the pillars on the left side of the room, which will allow you enough time to get to the right side of the room. You can then use the force to move four pillars out of the way. There will be a locked doorway, but all locks on it can be removed by using the force on the locks dually.


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