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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 48: Rebel Attack

Updated on September 29, 2008

From here, it is a little like the movie, and yet not. If you see a pit with radar dishes, go ahead and blast them and no more TIE fighters will show.

This next part is a bit like that first level from Episode II. You must get a torpedo, and shoot the highlighted object. The force field will then fall.

As soon as you leave that shielded area, you need to peer out on your left. You will see a spinner thing that you must hit on the green side. Soon a canister in a cage will come up. Go ahead and shoot it, and you will have the First Canister.

Go forward from here and there will be another shield to take out. You will need four torpedoes, so that will mean a few trips to the torpedo maker there.

Don’t leave this shielded area until you have taken out the blue strips located on the right. This will reveal the Second Canister.

Leave this area, and you will be able to go a little further north before reaching a TIE fighter gate. There is a spinner there that you can blast to get the Third Canister.

Keep going north and you will hit another shield gate. Don’t take it out just yet. Instead, turn right and continue until you see an imperial gate. On the right of it will be some blue bars that you can blast to get the Fourth Canister.

There will be two sets of four towers that have to be taken out in this area before going any further. The first is the one to the right as you entered in, and the other will be all the way at the end. Fortunately, they both have torpedo shooters ready to be used.

As you go into this next area, there will be a spinner that will need to be spun to reveal the Fifth Canister.

There are then two sets of quads that have to be taken out here to drop the shield wall.

Don’t forget to go right to the left afterward and blast the blue bars, which will have the Sixth Canister.

From here, it is a matter of going down a trench with Vader and his friends on your tail. Once you get to where you need to go, you should shoot all the all the guns that are trying to get you.

There is a spinner near the exhaust port, right on the left. Be sure to shoot it and get the Seventh Canister.

If you look off in the corner to the right, there is the Power Brick located there.

From there, it is a matter of taking a photon torpedo and shooting the exhaust port. The level will end.


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    • profile image

      Jennifer 7 years ago

      its way to confusing! WHAT THE HECK IS A PHOTON TORPEDO!? what the heck does it look like...?!