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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 5: Invasion of Naboo, Part 2

Updated on September 28, 2008

An area of stone will sink, so go ahead and let a Jedi use the force to pull a lever and reveal a ramp. Jar Jar can jump up there and get a lot of studs. You will find a lot of these sinking areas that only Jar Jar can jump up to get.

You will also find a panel that only bounty hunters can access, which is the first in the chronological order of this game. You’ll have to wait until Free Play for that prize.

You will then come to place where the Jedis can levitate to make a bridge, but the place where the stuff was on has the Fifth Canister, as well as some studs. Go ahead and take it and go to the next area.

This one area has the Sixth Canister that you can plainly see. Just use the force on some bricks, which will open up a ramp as well as give you a place to jump down and grab that canister.

Soon you will come to a place where there is a hatch. If you have a small character, you can use it to get to a canister. Unfortunately, you don’t have that.

You can get some studs here. Just levitate one part of the trooper tank to the tree, and have Jar Jar jump up and get there. By the way, you may notice a shiny piece of metal on the troop carrier, and you will be able to get some things there later, but only in the Free Play level.

Move to the right, taking out battledroids all the way. There are some logs obstructing an entrance. Move them, and you can get the Seventh Canister as well as some other studs. Have Jar Jar jump up to the right of that entrance. This is a difficult jump to make, and it is one that only he can make. Go across a path until Jar Jar steps on a stone that sinks under his feet. This is the entrance to the next area.

This next zone has some very cool areas of access, including the Eighth Canister. All you need to do is levitate the statue in the proper order. The legs go first, then the torso, followed by the head. You can always do it again if you want to if it blew up. The canister will appear.

The only thing left to do is to defeat as many battledroids as possible before moving on to the lake. The level will end shortly after that, and hopefully you will obtain True Jedi status before that, or you might be able to obtain it at Free Play level when you go back for all the canisters.


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