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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 51: Escape from Echo Base, Part 2

Updated on September 29, 2008

This next room involves pushing a lot of blocks around. Most of the canisters will not be obtainable until the Free Play version. You should probably take out the troopers, and then use the big guns to blast away an entrance with a Threepio panel.

These blocks can be moved into place, and will open up steam jets that will blast a character upward. You will need to build a snowmobile, and you may notice a picture of Threepio on the back of it. What you need to do is drive the snowmobile on the steam updraft, and Threepio will fall on the back of it automatically.

Go to the one area that is blocked with rubble, and get off. Hopefully, Threepio will get off on the higher ground that he needs to get to. In all honesty, it might take a few attempts before Threepio does what he should. Just try and park the snowmobile thing so that Threepio is as close to the higher ground as possible. Threepio will be in position and he can now open the door.

There is nothing in this next hall but some loose tiles that will fall in if you step over them. You need to build a mine at the end in order to get through.

This next area will have some buttons, and you must roll on them to push them. Keep doing until all five are lit, and you will have an open doorway out.

This next room has some boxes you can move, and four buttons to open the door. Go ahead and move the boxes into position, on one of the buttons, and the other characters will take their place if you stand on a button.

You may notice the panel on the door that you can use, but there won’t be anything that you can get in there but some studs.

This next tiled room has some Snowtroopers, and more of those big guns. Go to the big guns and shoot down the thing that is making the shield, which is holding the Falcon in place. Snowtroopers will come at you in waves, so deal with them.

Go ahead and pull the levers on the wall to open a door with some boxes, and move those boxes into certain areas. You will open the door to the Tauntauns. You can use them to jump to the top of the Falcon, and you can then fix the gun. The door will open.

You could go back and get the Canister that requires four people if you want to. Otherwise, just enter the Falcon and leave the level behind.


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