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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 53: Dagobah, Part 1

Updated on September 29, 2008

Not much to do but gather studs at this point, and you can gather more if you take Artoo into the swamp water, and then go via periscope to the right to a small island with a lot more studs.

Go ahead and make some ramps, so Artoo can follow you. You will soon come to an area with a giant snake, and you can shoot it.

You will notice that in the middle of this swamp is a blue box. If Luke shoots the blue box, then the First Canister will be revealed. Go ahead and have Artoo hover out to the rock, and he can fetch it.

You will notice if you continue to the right, you can shoot out some plants that will reveal a grapple area. Swing across and continue to the left. Have Artoo hover across one side, and then use the Artoo panel. A bridge will rise up, and Luke can cross it. He can then destroy the nearby tall bushes to get to the next area.

This next area will involve building a button. Pushing the button will reveal another button, and Artoo needs to hover out and hit this button. Another button will rise up from the swamp, and Luke should automatically jump onto this button. Artoo can hover to another button, and Luke will automatically jump there. I realize this sounds confusing, but trust me, you make it to the other side.

This next area has some stuff you want, but generally, it will end too quickly. Don’t worry, you will come down back to this area later.

You will soon be training with Master Yoda himself. What you need to do is go to the hatch and bust it wide open, and this will be one of three that you need. You then need to go to Yoda, and allow him to jump on your shoulders. From there, use the force on any plant that you can find. In three areas, you will find parts for a bridge that you can levitate to cross to another area.

You will then find the second hatch in this area, and then its more button jumping to get to the other side. Go ahead and cut through that last hatch, then grab the Second Canister when it is revealed.

To open the door here, you need to have Yoda on your back. Use the force to decrease the size of one of the weird thing with the saucer on it, and then use it on the other. Have Artoo go to the one on the ground, and it will soon rise. He can then hover over to the other, which will also rise. He can then hover over to the Artoo platform, and use his skills to open the door.


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