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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 60: Jabba's Palace, Part 2

Updated on September 29, 2008

Go to the door and shoot the cylindrical shaped bricks on both sides. The door will open up, and you can get a few things. Watch the floors here, as the Lego characters will fall into nothingness.

Pull the two levers and you can make what looks like a four-pressure pad. Assemble a box out of stuff and then move the box like a joystick with the pressure pads. The droids will be free when Luke double jumps in with them, and you can use the panels to open the doors.

By the way, you can go back to the one room where you found the Red Brick and use the Artoo door and get the Second Canister. Unfortunately, Threepio won’t be able to go back do to the tiles.

Now, go back to the room, and go down the hall. You’ll get to another stereo. You can destroy this as much as you like. There is an Artoo panel at the top of stairs.

You will be in another part of the palace, and there is a lever in the corner that you can use to shut off the guards. You will need to go a little out of your way to get to the other one. To get to this one area, it requires moving one block and Luke can jump up to a higher level. Destroy a few things, and Luke can assemble a bridge with the force. He can then jump to the next area and pull the lever.

Move the three towers into the place with the black areas. Luke can use the force on all three and turn them into a ramp so the droids can go up. Have Artoo turn left, and he can hover over to an Artoo panel and create a bridge for his friends.

The gang will soon come to a door that you can assemble a thing into a Threepio Door.

Guards will keep coming into the room until you pull two levers. The doors will open, and you can move to the next area.

Here, you need to pull two levers to block the thing. Go ahead and use the stromtrooper helmet thing and go over to the stormtrooper door and get the Third Canister.

Go ahead and get the Bounty hunter helmet, and then open the final door. You will now be in the final area with the rancor monster. You can assemble a grapple area, but none of your grappler characters will be able to get to the area with the canister.

There is an Artoo or Threepio panel on each side that will let in a guard. The monster will try and eat the guard in peace by the white crates. When the monster is sitting there, shoot the crate, and it will explode to remove a heart.

Repeat this with the next crate. After the third time, the monster will go by the gate. Feel free to drop the gate on him. The Level should end.


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