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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 66: The Battle of Endor, Part 1

Updated on September 29, 2008

This first area has a very easy canister to find. Just destroy some purple crates, and then build a spinner. A ramp will raise which will actually be an elevator. Have Artoo go across, and he can rise up and go right to get the First Canister. You won’t be able to get the lever here now.

You should then go right, getting as much as studs as you can. Send Wicket into a short gate, and he will be able to fix two parts of a drawbridge on the other side. All the characters will now be able to cross. You can ride an elevator on this side, but it won’t do much good unless you are on Free Play mode.

As you go right, you will pass a house with a boarded up entrance. Destroy the boards, and you will find a Threepio panel. Use Threepio on this, and a box will drop down nearby. Assemble the debris from the box into a grapple pad, and shooter characters can go up to a lever and raise another bridge to cross.

Nothing more to do than to follow the tree path down to the next area. You will see stormtroopers come up from four different places. They will not stop coming unless you blast their grapple hook points, which will take a few shots.

You will then notice that area that looks like a chess board. Several of these pieces you can blast, and I highly recommend clearing the board. You can assemble one piece so it will fit in a certain place on the left of the board. Push it into place, and send Wicket in to pull a lever on the next area. A crane will take that piece up above, and it can be pushed into another place to reveal an elevator with six pressure points. Put any character on that, and they will all get into place to go to the next level.

When you get down to the ground, there will be some stormtroopers to take care of. After they are gone, go left and find some purple boxes. You can then assemble a grapple point, and get up to the next level. Blast through a boarded up door, and get yourself the Second Canister.

After that, just start destroying all the plants on the right. You will be able to create a spinner that will raise up a ramp. Wicket can use the short entrance, and stand on a button that will temporarily create a grapple point. A character will automatically use it and create the next ramp for the heroes.


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