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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 68: The Battle of Endor, Part 3

Updated on September 29, 2008

Now, shoot up the grey hatches, and you will find some tiles. Put the tiles in their proper place, and push the striped thing over the edge. You will have what it takes to build a panel for Artoo. By the way, there is material to build a ramp down below, because Artoo needs to get there.

You should be able to enter inside and start sabotaging everything. The doors with the glowing lights can be opened by blasting them a few times.

Go into the next room and start blasting the enemies. Then pull the lever in the corner. This one of four you need to pull.

Take the door to the left. In this room, you can shoot up a lot of panels. You will eventually find three red buttons hit behind them. If you hit them, three steps will come out of the wall. Go up to the top and shoot the panel before you come to it, otherwise, it will take you out with the explosion. Push a piece of equipment into place, and the steps you made earlier will become a ramp. Have Threepio come up that ramp and use the panel there. The purple lever will be revealed, and part of the sabotage will be done.

You may notice the presence of a Power Brick in this next room. You won’t be able to get to it into the Free Play, so yes, you are going to have to leave it behind.

Go back into that main shield room, and you go to the right. You will find a room that if you blast, you will find some thing that will take you underground for some random stuff. You will find an Artoo panel that willl operate an elevator, and you can hop to the right to make a ramp leading to another panel. Get Threepio to operate this panel, and another lever will be reveal. Pull it, and more sabotage can commence.

In that same room, send Artoo up that elevator, and then have him go into the left corner, and turn to hover to an Artoo panel. Once he activates it, some parts will fall, and a door for Wicket will be made. Wicket can then enter in, take out the stormtroopers, and pull the lever. You may notice that there is a Canister in this one corner of this area. Unfortunately, Wicket cannot hover, so you will have to leave it for now.

Go into that control room and pull the levers. Go into the previously shielded area and build four mines. The level will end once the last one is constructed.


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