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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 69: Jedi Destiny

Updated on September 29, 2008

Hey, remember this awesome part in the Return of the Jedi movie where Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader fight with lightsabers? Then the Emperor completely shocks the heck out of Luke with his lightning botls? Well, that happens here, but Lego Star Wars takes it a step further as Darth Vader doesn’t stab the Emperor in the back with a surprise attack, but Luke and Darth Vader team up to stop the Emperor.

The Emperor has quite a few hearts that have to be taken down, and, like taking out all foes with hearts in the game, I found the lightsaber ground pound stabs to be about the only thing effective against this.

Go ahead and beat the Emperor as much as possible, and he will go off somewhere else. While he is gone, go ahead and get some treats. First, have Darth Vader use his Sith force power on the four squares to the right and left of the throne. After he has done eight quickly, the Power Brick will appear. You might have a hard time doing this quickly, and I know that I did.

There is a platform on the left that you can assemble with the light or dark side of the force, and if you hop up there, you can have the First Canister. Sadly, this is all the rewards you will find here on this level. The rest can be obtained at Free Play.

Go ahead and go down the stairs, slashing where you may. Eventually, you will find that Luke can use the force to build something like a fan, and Darth Vader can use his Sith Force to complete it. This fan will take you to the next level.

Once you get up there, you will need to avoid some electric charged panels can get to where you need to go, the Emperor. I found that there were certain tiles that would not be charged at certain times, and some that would never be charged. What you have to do is just walk to the ones that are never charged while the temporary charged ones are turned off. When you reach the Emperor, he won’t use his lightning on the floor any more. Instead, you can take him on. He will use that lightning attack, so switch off characters and have the other one attack.

He will once again flee, so take out his bodyguards below. I found that the Sith force chokes them, and that is the best way to get rid of them.

You will find an area where you will need to use the force to make an elevator go up, and take out the Emperor again. The level should be over from there.


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