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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 75: Mos Espa Pod Race and Retake Theed Palace, Free Play

Updated on September 30, 2008

Mos Espa Pod Race

There is not much to be said about this one. I believe I’ve already detailed how to find nine out of the ten canisters, including the Red Brick.

Go ahead and start off as a TIE fighter, and the keep going until you get to the ramp. It will automatically let you in, and hopefully you can grab the Tenth Canister.

Save and Exit.

Retake Theed Palace

Everything is pretty much as you got it the first time, until you get to the hallway that once had the six pressure point opener. There is only two in place now, but is enough to get you to the next hallway.

It is this hallway that has an area to the left full of lots of Sith objects. You will need to take out the battledroids who are shooting at you. It probably isn’t worth doing this, but you can move a large black, dumbbell-like object in front of the room that you need to get to. It just moves back, so just become a high jumper and get up there. Use the dark side of the force to crack that door thing at the end, and you will have the Sixth Canister.

You will then get to the one area that takes six ways just to get up to a certain door. You will need to go down to that area and blast an area to assemble a silver rocket shaped thing. Blow it up as a bounty hunter, and the Seventh Canister will be revealed.

After you get to the large dining area, there will be a wall on the far left side. If you jump to this place as a high jumper, you can use the ability of a grappler to get to a higher area. Follow this path all the way around and you shall find the Eighth Canister.

The last two canisters will be in the hangar. The first of the two will be all the way in the left corner, where you will need to take out a guard to get to a pilot. You can use the force on some crates to get up there, and then take out the guard. There are some steel rocket-shaped things to the left. Blow them up with a thermal detonator. You can then use the debris to build a ramp, and the use the Sith power to raise that ramp to another level. Turn to a high jump character and keep going up until you get the Ninth Canister.

You will find this next one in an area that the dual force to get to the guard. Just keep jumping up higher as a high jumper, and follow the ledge you are on all the way to the right. You will soon find the Tenth Canister.


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