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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 76: Darth Maul, Free Play

Updated on September 30, 2008

This next area involves you getting past Darth Maul the first time, and using the elevators there until you get to the stormtrooper door. Any Imperial will do to open it up, and you will enter into a large area where a lot of troops will come and kill you. Go ahead and kill them all, and then run over ten black buttons (five on one side, five on the other). The Red Brick will appear, and you can get it and go on.

While you are in this area, go ahead and use the force on all the lamps in this room with the Red Brick. Eventually, the Fourth Canister will be revealed.

This next area has a grapple spot that you were not able to get to before. Now turn into a shooter character and zip up into an area that has the motherlode of studs. You will need to take out a lot of soldiers. In the corner there is a machine that will lift you up, provided you use the force on a gear there. You’ll have to become a high jumper character to get this Fifth Canister.

In this same area is a balcony that is lower, that you probably noticed before. All you need to do is go all the way to the end, where a silver wall is. Toss a thermal detonator at it, and the Sixth Canister will be yours.

You will soon go to the area with the floating saucers. On the left side is a stormtrooper only panel that will, when activated, start one of the saucers moving nearby and take you to the Seventh Canister. By the way, if you go to the right, you can activate a Threepio panel that will do essentially the same thing as that aforementioned stormtrooper panel, but take you to a purple stud.

As for the Eighth Canister, Ninth Canister, and Tenth Canister, go into the fight with Darth Maul. Ledges with the canister will be revealed, as you go into specific rounds of fighting. There is a ledge underneath all of them, and if you use the force on them, the ledge will lower itself. Then you can switch to a high jumper character and get what you missed.

A little word of warning, if you spend too much time with the force on the ledges, they will blow up. Then you won’t be able to get the canisters then. You should be able to use a high jumper on all three of them, even though the Tenth Canister is a little hard to get to.


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