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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 77: Bounty Hunter Pursuit and Discovery on Kamino Free Play

Updated on September 30, 2008

Bounty Hunter Pursuit

Like Mos Espa Pod Race, you should probably start off as a TIE fighter. You will soon get to the area with the TIE gate, and you can shoot the odd thing inside for the Ninth Canister.

After you cross into the one area with the shields, go ahead and go to the TIE gate on the right. You will be able to shoot down the thing inside for the Tenth Canister.

Discovery on Kamino

The first thing you should do is simply go to your ship, and go to the left. You will come to a bridge that ends with some gears. Levitate them into a place, and a lift will rise. Hop on, and then become a high jumper to reach the Fifth Canister.

Once you go inside, you need to find the place where the Clone Armies were revealed. You couldn’t go through this one door before, but now you can assume a Bounty hunter disguise and do it. Go ahead and hover as an astromech to the first button, or jump to it. If you rest on the button, your character will follow. Keep doing this until you reach a station on the right. Use the force to open two trapdoors, and a platform will automatically rise. Jump and get the Sixth Canister.

You might want to stay and go into the tubes for four free blue studs. Why not?

Midway back, shoot out the target, and a ramp will extend itself. Jump on the ramp and then become a small character. You will need to take these small ramps to an area above, and you will get a stud in the process. Eventually, if you keep going, you will get the Seventh Canister.

Before you get to the Fett family’s room, go to the left and use the stormtrooper door. You will then be in a Star Wars disco where you must hit the right spots as the right times. When the Disco lights begin, you will see the Red Brick floating in between the stereo speakers. Go ahead and get it. If you want to, you can have Artoo get the studs on the right.

Soon you will be chasing Jango outside. While you are here, go ahead and go left, and then hover to get to an platform with many studs. You will find the Eighth Canister there, and you can finally transform into a character who can jump to get it.

You will then need to go to the right, where a grapple pad is waiting. Get into a shooter character mode and get up there, then transform into a protocol droid. Activate the Threepio panel, and an elevator will come down. You will need to become a shooter character and hop on it, shooting three targets on the way up. A nearby glass hatch will open up to reveal the Ninth Canister, which you can grab.

You will soon find your way into an area that has a Sith force thing on the left side. Use a Sith Lord and open the door. You will find an entirely new room. You can use the dual power of the dark side to open up some serious stuff, but some flying robots will come kill you. Go ahead and take them out, and get the Tenth Canister.


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