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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 81: Chancellor in Peril and General Grievous Free Play

Updated on September 30, 2008

Chancellor in Peril

If you go into the corner in this first area, you will find a grappler pad in the corner. If you go up to this one area, you will be on a ledge. Go ahead and go all the way to the left and you will get the Seventh Canister.

The moment you go into this next area, there will be a grapple pad on the right. Go ahead and take it and you will instantly find the Eighth Canister.

When you get to the one room with all the droid panel doors, there is a Threepio door that you didn’t open before. Go ahead and turn into a protocol droid and open it, and you will have the Ninth Canister.

There is two ways to get the Tenth Canister. You can go to the right and use the small character door to get up there, or you can become a high jumper character and get high (so to speak) to go right above the entrance to get this one.

While you are on your way to the moving wall room, stop by a room that has two Artoo doors and two Threepio doors. One of them has a solid brick wall of stone, and another is full of Lego bricks that you can destroy and get some studs.

To get the Power Brick, wait until you go into the hall with the moving wall. Go ahead and get to the end, and turn to Artoo to turn the hall back on itself. Turn into a bounty hunter and go back, then place a thermal detonator on a pit with a silver top. Blow it up, and you will have it.

General Grievous

When you cross the bridge to the next area, go ahead and go completely to the left. You can go and hover to some other areas, and there will be a sold steel wall. Use a Thermal Detonator to destroy it, and then you will find the Sixth Canister.

After you shoot a barrel to defeat Grevious, he will jump away. You should use this time to turn into a high jump character and get the Seventh Canister.

Keep going and you will see another canister. Use a hover character to get to the Eighth Canister. Keep going to the right and you will encounter another canister, and the high jumper character is perfect for claiming this one. Go and get the Ninth Canister.

Keep going to the right and you will find a stone bridge. You will find this one building with a lot of mines that will blow up when you get into close proximity. Go ahead and shoot them all, and you will obtain the Tenth Canister.

There is a device in the center that you need to use the force on in five places. Eventually the device will open, and you will be able to get the Power Brick.


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      dan 8 years ago

      im only 11 buti love star wars